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How much does hypnotherapy cost - hypnosis pricing schedule for ATFC Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapist Pricing and Rates Schedule

How much does hypnotherapy cost?


Denver & Lakewood, CO Area Hypnotherapist, Hypnosis Pricing and Rates

ATFC Hypnotherapy does not require any client to purchase any of our hypnosis pricing packages, it’s simply a way for customers to save money if you’re planning on having more than one session. Payment for a package is due in the first session. The smoking cessation package may only be used for smoking, for all other issues the “Breakthrough Package” or “Individual” pricing would be used.

It is perfectly acceptable to pay individually for hypnotherapy appointments or for our hypnotherapy in Denver and Lakewood, CO sessions.

Acceptable forms of payment are: Cash, Check, Credit Card, and paypal.me/LyndaPulford

Insurance, Medicaid/Medicare does not currently cover Hypnotherapy services or costs, however a Health Savings Account (HSA) is a payment option for many people.