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    Through hypnotherapy, we will access your powerful subconscious mind to cultivate positive thoughts and release the negative thought patterns which may be driving your behavior. This can be done quickly and safely. Hypnosis is really just accelerated learning.


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    "Lynda’s hypnotherapy services were such a blessing to me! I have always had a very sensitive gag reflex which caused anxiety when swallowing pills and going to the dentist. After just a few sessions with Lynda I’m able to swallow pills and can go to the dentist without the anxiety I once experienced! If you have a fear, phobia or anxiety I highly recommend A Time for Change Hypnotherapy! This was a last resort for me and it should have been the first! Thank you!"
    Christy Kabenek
    "I have had a speech impediment my whole life that caused me a lot of stress and embarrassment. I had seen doctors whose only advice was to take medication which would have side effects that I believe were worse than the speech problem. I decided to try hypnosis, and to my surprise, it worked! It was slow, but Lynda helped me through the process and she found the treatment that I needed to help me with this problem. The problem pops up sometimes and I need to go see Lynda again, but it’s so much better than it was!"
    Carol M. Golden, Co
    "I began my hypnotherapy sessions with Lynda Pulford in April of 2014 because I was constantly sick with sinus infections and chest colds. I was on and off antibiotics for several years, to the point where I was taking medicine about every 6 weeks. From my very first hypnosis session my immune system has improved drastically. This last year was such an improvement to my life and well-being. I was only prescribed antibiotics one time for the entire year. A drastic improvement for me. I highly recommend Lynda if you are in need of improving your immune system. She taught me techniques to deal with stress and anxiety which has ultimately improved my immune system and I feel better than ever."
    Kristi S. Lakewood, CO
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