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Through hypnotherapy, we will access your powerful subconscious mind to cultivate positive thoughts and release negative thoughts which may be driving your behavior. This can be done quickly and safely because hypnosis is a natural state which we all drift in and out of several times a day. It is known as the “Alpha” brainwave state which is a pre-sleep state.

It is said that we think sixty to seventy thousand thoughts per day, and that ninety per cent of those thoughts are the same thought. This means that most people are concentrating on a few very specific thoughts. If those thoughts are positive and cause the person to feel happy, then generally happy and positive experiences show up in their life. If a person is focused ninety per cent on negative thoughts and feelings, those negative things they are thinking about often show up exactly the way the person has been imagining. It seems that you get what you think about.

The hypnotherapist helps you to reach your powerful subconscious mind and work to eliminate the negative thought patterns that might be holding you back. This is a process of gradually introducing positive suggestions which grow helping a person to spend more of their day focused on what they want rather than what they don’t want. A person then will begin to see that they are much more in control of their life and their experiences than they previously thought.

Lakewood, CO Certified Hypnotist Lynda Pulford

Experience & Qualifications

About the Hypnotherapist

Lynda is a licensed and certified hypnotherapist with a diploma from the accredited Hypnosis Motivation Institute in 2013, and has completed over four hundred hours of coursework in the practice of hypnosis techniques for treating a wide variety of issues.

In Colorado Hypnotherapists are technically not licensed but are registered through the Department of Regulatory Agencies. Practicing Hypnosis in the state of Colorado require practitioners to be registered with D.O.R.A. It is in fact not legal to practice hypnotherapy if not registered with D.O.R.A – Department of Regulatory Agencies.

Check the registry for any therapist to make certain they are either licensed or registered in the manner which state law requires. When searching for a hypnotherapist through D.O.R.A. they will be listed under “Registered Psychotherapy.”

Lynda has completed specialized coursework in the areas of Immune Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Smoking Cessation, Weight loss/Food Issues, Stress and Anxiety Management,Sports/Athletics improvement, Past Life Regression, Intimacy/Erectile Dysfunction, Fears and Phobias and Relationship Issues (getting over break-ups) and Confidence and Motivation.

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