Hypnotherapy Serving Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, Wyoming & Arizona.

A Time For Change Hypnotherapy proudly serves not only the Lakewood/Denver Colorado and rural eastern Colorado area, but also the bordering states like Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, Wyoming & Arizona.

Hypnotherapist Lynda Pulford has treated many clients from Wyoming, Nebraska, Arizona, Utah, Kansas, and even Texas.

It can be difficult to find alternative healthcare or Mental Health professionals in many regions. It’s especially difficult in rural areas of the country.

Of course we always want to find treatment as close to home as possible, however alternative treatments like Hypnotherapy are just not available in rural areas.

A Time For Change Hypnotherapy tries to accommodate anyone seeking treatment by scheduling as far ahead as needed to assure the client receives the appropriate number of sessions. Some clients may choose to make the drive weekly for their appointments but many clients come to stay in Denver for a few days or even a week to complete their treatment.

Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation is a common treatment for out of state clients. The two session program happens over a 72 hour period making it easy for a person to arrive in town on a Monday, have their session, spend Monday night, Tuesday night, have their second appointment on Wednesday and then be able to leave town after their 2nd appointment.

How Fast Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Hypnotherapy is a faster therapy than most, some issues can be resolved in just one session. Typically the most improvement is noticed within three sessions, although there are conditions that require more time such as eating and food issues, weight loss, long term anxiety and depression.

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