Sexual issues can be difficult to talk about, especially with someone you don’t know. It’s important to know that you are not alone when it comes to problems around sex. As a hypnotherapist I have had many clients who at first were embarrassed to talk about their problems around sex. However, as we get to talking, they become much more comfortable and realize how much better they feel knowing that it is actually more common than not to experience some type of sexual dysfunction at some point throughout your life.

For men this can mean they have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection. It is of course important to consult a doctor for any problem which may have a medical origin. At the point that men are seeking this type of therapy, they have often exhausted all medical resources including prescriptions such as Viagra, only to discover that there is nothing physically wrong with them.

Love, Sex and Intimacy in Relation to Sexual Hypnotherapy

Love and intimacy are the most potentially fulfilling aspects of intimate partnerships, however they represent areas where many people feel challenged. These aspects of a relationship actually enhance our physical and emotional health as individuals.

Love is mysterious, it can bring out both the best and the worst in us, our deepest fears and our greatest hopes, selflessness as well as our possessiveness, our kindness and our insensitivity, our generosity and our selfishness. Learning how to love someone and balance these opposites can be challenging as they are built in human traits.

There is a lot of scientific research showing that a great sex life has tremendous health benefits. Sex is physically good for us because it provides cardiovascular exercise which not only gets more oxygen to the brain but is always good for the heart. Engaging in sexual activity changes our chemistry with the production of pleasure-inducing hormones such as oxytocin, and even pain-relieving hormones helping us to forget negative thoughts or even temporarily alleviate back pain, neck pain, or other physical discomfort we may
have. Research has shown that people who have frequent and pleasurable sex, live longer and healthier lives, have fewer hospitalizations, and take fewer medications than people who don’t.

Intimacy can be defined as how we experience connection and positive vulnerability with another person. Any boundaries that form a sense of separateness dissolve, creating a feeling of blissfulness.

Sexual Problems or Issues Do Not Always Have Physical Origins

The clients I have seen for these types of issues have said that their doctor says there is nothing physically wrong with them. This can be strangely disappointing to hear because we look to medicine to fix our physical problems.

It is important to know though that our minds are very powerful. If you have had a traumatic or even just an uncomfortable sexual experience at some point in time in your life, your subconscious mind may be trying to protect you from further discomfort by inhibiting sexual pleasure in your body.

Your subconscious mind is always trying to protect you from pain or anything which may have caused trauma. That is actually a good thing much of the time, however as we know, it can keep a person stuck when they don’t need to be protected any longer. Typically for men, the problem is usually not trauma but something simpler.

Women share similar problems when it comes to sex, whether they had a traumatic incident (or many), or they have lost the desire to be intimate. This can cause problems in relationships, because if you are the partner who doesn’t want to have sex, it is a completely different problem than the partner who wants to have sex but isn’t because their spouse/partner doesn’t want to.

Using hypnotherapy, we can change old patterns or “hang-ups” that a person might have for any number of reasons. It really doesn’t matter what the reason is. If your goal is to have more or better sexual intimacy, this type of therapy can be life changing.

There are so many resources for help in this progressive time we are living in. When treated in a non-judgmental, open minded way, the seemingly insurmountable problems of the past can quickly diminish and be replaced with new and positive thinking and behavior around sexuality and intimacy.