Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Services

Reasons For Hypnotherapy - There are countless ways hypnosis techniques can help with a wide variety of medical and psychological human behavior issues.

Issues with Medical Origins

It is important to see a physician for medical issues, a licensed counselor or psychotherapist for mental health issues, and Level 1 drug and alcohol counselor for drug or alcohol addiction. It is extremely important to seek the appropriate treatment from qualified professionals. Hypnotherapy is a wonderful compliment to any of these.


Indications that it might be time to try Hypnotherapy

Many people begin our first conversation by saying that they have been getting traditional “talk therapy” with a counselor or psychologist for years and that it just hasn’t made a difference for them.

This is not to say that traditional therapy is not effective for some people with certain problems. The point most people come to though is that talking about the past, or reliving unpleasant incidents or memories doesn’t help them to move forward.

This is where Hypnotherapy can be a great help. I believe in starting where you are currently, and looking to the future in terms of where you would like to be and how you would like to feel. Using visualization and imagery in a hypnotic state can change old patterns of thinking and old beliefs which may not be serving you.

Another reason people seek Hypnotherapy is that they are not interested in pharmaceuticals as a way to change their life or way of thinking. While medication can be absolutely necessary in some cases, i.e.; depression, severe anxiety, and other serious psychological disorders, it can be overused and a catch-all for anyone who is struggling with the feeling of depression or anxiety, many times because of a temporary circumstance.

With medication can also come side effects which can make people wonder which is worse, the original problem, or the side effect of the medication.

Many people are looking to find a healthy solution and ways to learn how to help themselves get to and maintain mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Using Hypnotherapy, a person can feel better quickly, but also learn how to use self hypnosis to help themselves in the future.

Think about all of the ways you’ve worked on the negative things in your life and what has actually helped. It might be time to try something new.

Hypnosis for Behavior Change and General Well-Being

Hypnosis for Behavior Change

Does Hypnotism Really Work?

Your next question might be, “Does hypnotherapy really work?” You could also ask, “Does psychotherapy really work?” and “Does medicine really work?”

The answer to those questions is, “Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.” There are no guarantees for any treatment so it’s important to seek a treatment which resonates with you, that you feel comfortable with and it’s worth a try to see a hypnotherapist for whatever the issue is for you.

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