Hypnotherapy for Dealing With Relationship Breakups, & Heart Break

Hypnosis therapy for heartbreak or for getting over someone.

Does Hypnotherapy Work for Dealing With Relationship Break-Ups?

How can hypnotherapy help a person deal with the end of a relationship?

All of the same principles are used for any issue that you might want to use hypnotherapy for. First it’s important to get into that relaxed and highly suggestible state which is the alpha brain wave state. The hypnotherapist uses different techniques to help a person get to that state.


Once the person is very relaxed and ready to receive suggestions, the therapist can use a number of different approaches to help a person who is suffering with a break-up or the end of an important relationship. Some people will have obsessive thoughts about the person they are no longer able to be with. Some people will not be able to sleep well or have the feeling of a racing heart or feelings of panic which are all very upsetting physically and psychologically.

Hypnosis Therapy for Heartbreak or a Breakup

Hypnotherapists use both direct suggestion and metaphorical suggestion.

Everyone is different as to how they learn best and take in information, so it’s important that both direct and metaphorical suggestions be used to be sure that the person is exposed to what will work the best for them. It also helps a great deal if the client is very comfortable with the therapist. There must be a level of safety and trust for a person to gain the full benefit of the therapy.

To help a client with the feelings they are experiencing in this situation, prior to going into hypnosis we would talk about the things that are the most upsetting for them and define exactly how the person would like to feel and behave now.

In hypnosis the person would be given suggestions which came from what they told the therapist they want. A metaphorical script may be used to help the person’s subconscious mind sort the problem out in a new and different way.

Amazing results can be achieved using hypnosis with clients who just want to forget about a person who is no longer part of their life because to think about them is so painful. The outcome has been described as a feeling of indifference toward that person who used to affect them in such a painful way. It doesn’t mean they lose memories of the person, they just simply don’t care anymore or feel indifferent about it. For some people this can take a few sessions because this kind of emotional pain can be a more difficult thing to change quickly.

Keeping in mind that everyone is different, there is no way to know how long it might take to feel completely better, however people usually experience a lot of relief immediately.

They may come back for another session to strengthen that feeling, but overall, they are feeling much stronger and more confident, having left the unpleasant feelings behind.