Test Anxiety


Test Anxiety

Test anxiety is a psychological condition in which people experience extreme anxiety in testing situations. Most people experience some degree of stress and anxiety before and during exams but extreme test anxiety can easily ruin your test scores and inhibit learning.


Test anxiety is a type of performance anxiety. Performance anxiety can happen in many different situations, for example, a business manager freezes up and forgets the information they needed to present in an important meeting. A high school basketball player becomes so nervous and overwhelmed by stress that they start missing even the easiest shots. A musical student becomes so nervous playing in front of a group that they muddle through a musical piece that they have practiced perfectly.

It is normal to have a bit of anxiety before doing anything someone considers to be important or the consequences of the outcome are extremely important to them.

When it comes to taking tests, people with test anxiety report that they have studied the material adequately, but when it comes time to take the test, they cannot recall what they have studied. They would describe it as “freezing up.”

Hypnotherapy and Test Anxiety

Hypnotherapy to conquer test anxiety is a decades old practice. It is essentially mental rehearsal for studying, retaining information, and being emotionally calm and relaxed while taking a test.

The session is personalized so you can share the issues that get in the way of great test performance. In hypnosis we will address the problem areas with positive suggestion about how to not only study effectively, but also how to take care of yourself in a healthy way physically if that is not something already in place. We will use visualization to see yourself prior to and during the test, using your skills and knowledge to perform exactly the way you want to.

Hypnosis for test anxiety is great for any student including:

  • High school and College Students
  • All medical students including Nursing, and Medical Doctor/Dental
  • Law School Students
  • Licensing Exam

If you struggle with test anxiety and want to achieve success and feel great taking tests, call today to get started!