Client Testimonials for A Time For Change Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Near Me – Read Colorado clients reviews and testimonials

“Very Professional”

This was the first time for me to seek out the help of a hypnotherapist.

I found Lynda to be very professional and she made me feel comfortable.

The sessions I had with her really worked to help with my self motivation issues and I have noticed long lasting changes in myself. I do not know what else I could have done that would have created such a positive change in myself. Thank you Lynda!

- Tom S. Highlands, Denver, Colorado

“She Made Me Feel Comfortable”

I went to see Lynda to help with my PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

She made me feel comfortable and I always felt great when I left a hypnotherapy session.

I’m doing much better but I still get in to see her when I need it. Thanks Lynda

- Terry P. Denver, Co

“If You Are Looking To Lose Some Weight …”

Lynda has helped me greatly with chronic pain, weight loss, and insomnia.

She really listens to you and cares about helping you.

She is just the right balance of professional and friendly and she made me feel right at home with her. The problems I was suffering with improved!

I highly recommend her. I would even send my own mom or sister to her.

- Nicole B

“Experienced Relief from My Pain”

I found Lynda through The Peak Wellness Center in Littleton. She gave a presentation on how hypnosis can be used to help manage pain.

I am 78 years old and have had arthritis pain for many years. I don’t like to take much medication so I thought I might try hypnosis. We had 3 sessions and I found hypnotherapy to be very relaxing and experienced some relief from my arthritis pain. The hypnosis session itself helped relieve pain and Lynda taught me some self-hypnosis techniques so that I could do it at home.

Dale W.

“I Quit Smoking!”

Smoking was never in my family growing up, but somehow both of my sisters and I picked up the habit.

Over the 10 years I had been smoking I tried to quit countless times but always just felt helpless when it came to quitting. Smoking was something that I enjoyed and was nervous to give it up, but with the dedication and support from Lynda, I was able to quit.

Using hypnotherapy to quit smoking was critical to my success because I could see the subconscious connection I had to smoking. Because of the hypnosis, the cravings to smoke went away and the smell of cigarettes are now very strong and unpleasant to me. Using hypnotherapy to quit smoking made it exponentially easier and ultimately led to my success in quitting for good.

I knew nothing about hypnosis when I contacted Lynda for the help, but through each session, she made sure that all of my questions were answered and that I felt comfortable with moving forward. Because of the quit smoking hypnosis I was also more motivated in other parts of my life, like exercise.

I would say hypnosis is a good path to take if you want to quit smoking naturally.

- Justin J